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Panda – Daily News and Inspiration

Una manera de estar actualizado en el mundo profesional es estar al tanto de lo relacionado con nuestra áreas de interés. Te mostramos un servicio que reúne una enorme cantidad de artículos relacionados con el diseño gráfico, emprendedores y otras áreas del marketing.

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Panda – Daily News and Inspiration.

Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts

There are many places and situations in which designers can find inspiration, and magazine layouts have long been an excellent source. Of course, no designer can buy and browse every magazine in the hope of coming across some great ideas, so today we are bringing you a selection of inspirational magazine layouts, some of which have been published, others are simply outstanding designs created for the sake of doing so, or just for practise, but they are all very well thought-out and designed layouts.

Many websites get their web design layout inspiration from these magazines too.

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Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts.

Simon Oxley Character design

Simon Oxley. Designer of graphics and muppet mascots.most notably the designer of the original bird and the logo. represented by Sony DigitalEntertainment in Tokyo, Japan.

vía Simon Oxley Character design.

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New Icon Designs Inspired by iOS App Style | Awwwards

iOS icons have always been characterized by their square shape. With the expansion of the mobile app market, more and more apps are being created, and for every app comes an identifing app icon.

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