@font-face gotchas – Paul Irish

May 5th, 2010 by @font-face gotchas – Paul Irish.

Over the past few months, I’ve collected a few worthwhile notes on @font-face that are worth reading over if you geek out about this stuff…

  • in Webkit (Chrome/Safari), applying font-weight:bold to faux-bold some @font-face’d text will not succeed. Same applies for font-style:italic. You can fix by adding the following to your @font-face declaration: (via doctype, crbug/31883 , crbug/35739 webk.it/34147 )
      /* these values are defaults in FF/Opera/IE but not webkit */
  • FF/Linux cannot serve webfonts from the file:// protocol. (Also, a tome on type quality with linux from Evan Martin)
  • TrueType format renders with a better quality than Opentype CFF. (sez Typekit) (fontsquirrel default )
  • In IE6-8, using createStyleSheet and then setting styleElem.styleSheet.cssText to a text value that includes a @font-face declaration going into will crash IE6-8. (src) Sigue leyendo

The Skinny: Communication Arts Typography Annual 2 – Veer.com

The Communication Arts Typography Annual 2, among other superb things, the best of the year in typeface design. We were excited to see some of our favorite type designers and foundries on the list, including Laura Worthington and Stephen Rapp, plus the Alphabet Soup Type Founders and Sudtipos Type. Some 1,723 entries were submitted for consideration, which makes grabbing the jurors’ attention pretty extraordinary. Congratulations to all. Keep making typefaces.

Communication Arts Typography Annual 2

vía The Skinny: Communication Arts Typography Annual 2 – Veer.com.

Maven Pro – A free sans-serif font brought to you by Vissol.co.uk

Maven Pro is a FREE sans-serif typeface with unique curvature and flowing rhythm. Here, you can follow the progress of the typeface and offer support, request additional glyphs, or just say hello. Periodically, new weights will be released – if you would like to receive an email notification, please sign up. Updates to certain glyphs and kerning values that have been changed will also be listed.

Maven Pro - closer look

vía Maven Pro – A free sans-serif font brought to you by Vissol.co.uk.