Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts

There are many places and situations in which designers can find inspiration, and magazine layouts have long been an excellent source. Of course, no designer can buy and browse every magazine in the hope of coming across some great ideas, so today we are bringing you a selection of inspirational magazine layouts, some of which have been published, others are simply outstanding designs created for the sake of doing so, or just for practise, but they are all very well thought-out and designed layouts.

Many websites get their web design layout inspiration from these magazines too.

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Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts.

Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project

Subtle Patterns is created and curated by  Atle Mo. His goal is to be a high quality resource for anyone in need of tilable textured patterns, free to use.

Subtle Patterns

“There has always been great resources available online for designers and developers, and I’ve been using these myself since I started making websites some twelve years ago – that’s the fantastic thing about the web community. Now I’m using Subtle Patterns as my way of giving back to the next (and current) generation of web designers and developers or anyone else who needs some high quality patterns.”

Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project.

320 and Up ‘tiny screen first’ responsive web design boilerplate

‘320 and Up’ is a lightweight, easy to use and content first responsive web design boilerplate.

320 and up

This is the new ‘320 and Up’

A lot’s changed since I wrote the original ‘320 and Up’, my ‘tiny screen first’ responsive web design boilerplate. Back then we were just getting started with responsive web design and many sites, including mine, and frameworks and boilerplates like HTML5 Boilerplate, structured their CSS3 Media Queries from the desktop down, rather than for small screens up.

To put things right, I wrote ‘320 and Up’. It worked as an extension to HTML5 Boilerplate or a set of standalone files. ‘320 and Up’ has been used by designers and developers all over the web and I’ve used versions of it on every website I’ve worked on since I wrote it.

What’s in the new ‘320 and Up’?

  • Five CSS3 Media Query increments: 480, 600, 768, 992 and 1382px
  • Design ‘atmosphere’ (colour, texture and typography) separated from layout
  • Bootstrap styles for buttons, forms and tables
  • Modernizr, Selectivizr, responsive type tester and design tester
  • LESS and Sass mixins and variables
  • Upstarts for the things we build every day

vía 320 and Up ‘tiny screen first’ responsive web design boilerplate.


New Icon Designs Inspired by iOS App Style | Awwwards

iOS icons have always been characterized by their square shape. With the expansion of the mobile app market, more and more apps are being created, and for every app comes an identifing app icon.

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