Mads Berg Illustration

Based in Copenhagen, Mads Berg is widely known for his modern art deco style and vintage graphics. His main fields of illustration are posters, brand illustrations, key visuals, editorial illustrations, cover art and murals. The illustrations are characterized by a style which translates classic poster art into a modern and timeless look. His pared back environments provide an elegant simplicity that delivers a concise narrative message. Mads has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2001 and has collaborated with numerous multinational clients such as Coca Cola, Orangina, San Diego Zoo, Lego, Monocle and Wired.

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Great Resources For Learning Web Design And Web Development


There are thousands of resources that focus on teaching web design. These web design learning sources are helpful, but many of them fail when it comes to delivering a formal presentation.

This is why you should seriously consider taking a close look at the resources listed below. They are better than the courses being offered at many leading universities and colleges. They can get you off to a great start if you are serious about learning more about this fascinating endeavor.

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Sergio Peçanha

Sergio Peçanha works for the Graphics Department of The New York Times, coordinating information graphics for the International section. He graduated in journalism by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1999 and has been working with information design ever since.

Before coming to the New York, he did graphics for The Dallas Morning News, in Texas, and for O Globo and, in Brazil. He has recently worked in explanatory pieces about the tsunami in Japan, the revolutions in Egypt and Libya, and the Palestinian bid for statehood. He is proud that his work has been recognized a good number of times at the Malofiej, Society for News Design and Communication Arts.

GRAPHIC | Behind the scenes: 18 days that changed Egypt


Designing Engaging Header Images: Think Outside the Box | Design Shack

One of the first things you do in designing a site is to decide what that first chunk of pixels that users will see looks like. You’ve got to grab their attention and communicate your message above the fold or risk that person moving on to their next open tab.

Unfortunately, many of us fall into predictable patterns for this piece of the site. We use the same old tricks, shapes and plugins and come up with a result that might look great, but isn’t really that exciting. Today we’ll take a brief look at how you can make your header images more interesting. Along the way we’ll see some live examples from sites that have implemented these techniques successfully.

Think Outside the Box

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235º aniversario del nacimiento de Jane Austen

Imagen de google del  235º aniversario del nacimiento de Jane Austen. (2010/12/16)

Jane Austen - Imagen de google

Jane Austen - Imagen de google

Jane Austen (16 de diciembre de 177518 de julio de 1817) fue una destacada novelista británica, que vivió durante el período de la regencia, es decir entre la época georgiana y la victoriana. La ironía que emplea para dotar de comicidad a sus novelas hace que Jane Austen sea contada entre los “clásicos” de la novela inglesa, a la vez que su recepción va, incluso en la actualidad, más allá del interés académico, siendo leídas por un público más amplio.

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