The Complete List Of HTML5 2D Game Engine – woltbit

Talking about game development in HTML5, you need to know that building a game from scratch is not always a good idea. You have to look around to find some game engine or framework that will let you comfortable which will speed up the development time. Game engines are just one more level of abstraction that take care of a few of the more tedious tasks of game development. Most take care of asset loading, input, physics, audio, sprite maps and animation, but they vary quite a bit. Some engines are pretty barebones, while some go as far as including a 2D level editor and debug tools.

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10 Best Online Presentation Tools

Today, there are a lot of alternatives available online like front end libraries and software tools to choose and build over the traditional presentation techniques in fancy styles. Some of these tools are designed with keeping in mind the latest technological solutions, such as real-time collaboration, online access through multiple devices, interactive graphics and more. One can incorporate various available tools to make a presentation that is apt, engaging and meaningful.

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Google Noticias – Lamentable!

Otra cagada “Marca España “, Lamentable!

– Lamentamos tener que informarte que Google Noticias ha cerrado en España y que las publicaciones de los editores españoles ya no aparecen en Google Noticias, a raíz de los recientes cambios en la legislación española

Google Noticias es un servicio gratuito,   Incluye desde los periódicos nacionales, hasta las pequeñas publicaciones locales, medios especializados y blogs. Los editores pueden elegir si quieren que sus artículos aparezcan en Google Noticias o no y, por razones de peso, la inmensa mayoría opta por su inclusión.

Pues claroooo!!