Making a Simple Tweet to Download System | Tutorialzine

Twitter is undoubtedly a hugely popular social network. One of the keys to its success is its simple and powerful API, which opens the doors to countless novel ways for you to use the service.

Tweet to Download System

One of these uses is allowing your visitors to “pay with a tweet”. Namely you take something that you would otherwise offer for free (like an ebook, mp3 or other kind of digital media), and make it available to users only after they tweet about your website. It is a great way to promote your products and get noticed, and it doesn’t cost anything to your visitors.

Building such functionality is not as hard as you might think. Twitter made it even easier with their Web Intents – a dead simple way to integrate the platform in your website. In this tutorial we will build a jQuery plugin around that API, and activate a download button once the user tweets. So lets get started!

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Top Thrill Dragster – Pasen y vean!!!.

<( Mamamiaaa!!! Que kge!)

Top Thrill Dragster es una atraccion de esas q quitan el hipo, hace q el Dragon Khan + Huracan Condor + Estampida juntos, parezcan un "Tio vivo" de feria, …si la palabra "Tio Vivo" es por q sales con vida, el Thrill Dragster es un "Tio Muerto…" de miedo, …para echar los restos. 


 Está en el parque de atracciones de CedarPoint, Ohio:

  • Inaugurada en 05-04-2003
  • 853,4 m de recorrido
  • 128 m de altura
  • Velocidad : 193,1 km/h (La mas rápida del mundo)
  • 0- 193 kmh en 4 seg.
  • Coste: 25 millones de US$

Vamos, una maravilla de atracción para los mas intrepidos; Claro está que a espera de su nueva próxima inaguración.