Flash Player problem: Black Square & Double Video Frame – Videobash

If you are experiencing either of the following problems:

Black Square:
Users see a black square where the video player should be, this means the Flash file does not load properly.

Double video frame:
Users see the video playing in double, with a green line splitting the player in half horizontally.

These may be caused because you have updated your Flash recently and Adobe has been modifying how their Flash player handles video playback it may have automatically updated for you, or you told it to update when prompted you may be experiencing issues regarding video playback.

Following the steps below should fix it for most users.

In order to resolve the problem, please turn off hardware acceleration of your Flash player. To do so, please follow these very simple steps:

  1. Right click on any Flash animation on your browser.
    Please note: If you are having the “black square” problem, please try another Flash file!
    Flash Settings
  2. Next, click the “Settings…” line.
  3.  The Flash settings dialog box should show up, as seen below:
  4.  Uncheck the “Enable hardware acceleration” checkbox.
    Uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration"
  5. Click “Close”.
  6. Clear your cache, close your browser and try viewing our videos again.

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