Rounding 1 corner of an object in Illustrator – Funkatron

To apply rounded corners to an existing object, there is a filter called “Rounded Corners,” but this will only round all of the object corners. Sometimes this is fine, but yesterday I wanted to be all Web2.0 and only round. I could have made a rectangle with standard corners and do some magic with object mashing, but that’s fruity.

filter called “Rounded Corners”

filter called “Rounded Corners”

Thankfully, I came across a handy little collection of scripts for Illustrator CS and CS2.  One of the scripts is called “Round Any Corner,” and it lets you select a single corner point and apply rounding only to that corner.  Totally awesome timesaver for when you’re trying to make your hipster Internet startup web site.

Round Any Corner

Round Any Corner

vía Funkatron / Rounding corners in Illustrator.



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