Empezar a trabajar con SilverLight 2

Ya está aquí la versión 2 de SilverLight…

Setting up for Silverlight 2 Design and Development

Getting started with designing and coding Silverlight 2 applications is pretty straightforward. The following list gives you the applications and downloads you will need:


Silverlight 2 Developer Runtime
The developer runtime is a bit larger than the one that everyone else downloads, and the reason is that detailed error text and additional debug information is provided for you.

Otherwise, everything is the same, so do download the developer runtime so that you can more easily figure out why things don’t work as they should.

Expression Blend 2 SP1

For designing Silverlight 2 applications on a WYSIWYG design surface, you will need Expression Blend 2 SP1. You can download it for free by clicking

This is a service pack that runs on top of Expression Blend 2, so if you don’t have Expression Blend 2 installed, download a trial by
clicking here.

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Standard or Higher

For developing Silverlight 2 applications, you will need Visual Studio 2008 Standard or higher.

Also, after installation, install the
Service Pack for Visual Studio as well, for the below Silverlight Tools require them.

Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

This download provides Visual Studio with everything it needs such as project templates, intellisense, debugging, and more to get you up and running for creating Silverlight 2 applications.

Without this, you will be unable to create Silverlight 2 applications using Visual Studio, and you will also not be able to open Silverlight 2 projects created by, for example, Expression Blend.

Deep Zoom Composer
One of the new features in Silverlight 2 is the ability to visualize large quantities of image data. In order to do this, you will need to prepare your images into the Deep Zoom format, and Deep Zoom Composer allows you to do just that.

While the list seems pretty daunting, if you are coming from a .NET or WPF background, you probably already have most of the prerequisites for Silverlight 2 development already installed. The only things you may not have is Blend 2 SP1 and the Silverlight Tools.

Para más Info:

SolGetting Started with Silverlight 2



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